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We Exceed Expectations
"Excellent customer service, stand behind their work!! My son's car had differential problems ... Doraville Drive Lines fixed them. The problem came back (not their fault), they fixed it again (under warranty) ... problem re-surfaced one more time, Doravile Drive Lines fixed it again ... this time they fortunately also found the route source. Bottom line, great work, great service, reasonable prices but they stand behind their work. Thats not a new concept ... just something a lot of shops seems to have forgotten about." 
– Chuck

Doraville Drive Lines & Springs takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our customers. We design custom solutions that exceed expectations.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our customers:
Son's Car ...
Maintenance Tip:
To keep your car's drive shaft in great condition after we work on it, you must keep the universal joints greased—and center kit, if your vehicle has one.

Our Rule of Thumb: About every 3,000 miles (when you change your oil), grease the U joints and center kit. Tell your mechanic or fast oil change technician to do this, so that it isn't overlooked.
Quality Automotive Parts!
Fleet Services ...
"We've been doing business with Doraville Drive Lines for 20 years and they've always been very helpful. We've never had any problem with the work they do."
– Lemar Hall, Fleet Superintendent, City of Lawrenceville

"Whenever we call Doraville Drive Lines & Springs, they come here to check on what we need right away. [Manager] Tommy Cash then calls us back with a price. They do a good job. We never have any problems. And Tommy is a good guy. Whatever I need, he does it."
– Alex Haastrup, Dickerson Fleet

"Doraville Drive Lines & Springs has done all the spring work on our vehicles for the last 28 years. They're just honest and dependable. They're good to do business with."
– Shawn Seller, AIM

Truck Sales & Service ...
"Every time I call [Manager] Tommy Cash he's Johnny-on-the-spot. He'll come right over here. There's no delay whatsoever. He'll measure what I need and will give us an estimate shortly. They do very good, quality work."
– Tim Hibbs, Shop Foreman, Rush Truck Centers of Doraville

"Doraville Drive Lines & Springs just repaired a drive shaft for us on a Ford truck. They did an excellent job."
– Stewart, Shop Manager, Midtown Collison

"Doraville Drive Lines and Springs does exceptional work. They do the spring work on our trucks and all of our drive shafts. They retune and balance them, and have even made some new drift shafts. Before I began work with Quality Repair Services, I was general manager and worked for 39 years at Lawrenceville Auto Parts. We used them for about 25 of those years. They're one of the few companies that will go out of their way to help you. There are times when they've even stayed late to finish a job. They're easy to work with."
– Andy Pruitt, Quality Repair Services