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Specializing in Drive Lines & Springs
Is your car's rear end vibrating, squeaking or clanking, but you don't know what the problem is? Come to Doraville Drive Lines & Springs for a FREE evaluation and estimate. If we can't help, we'll tell you.
You wouldn't let a general practitioner perform open heart surgery on your mother. So when 
your car's rear end starts vibrating, or it clanks or squeaks when in gear, who do you turn to? Most mechanics don't have the expertise to diagnose and fix your car's drive line, and the only place you'll find top-notch parts is at an automotive specialty shop. You can count on Doraville Drive Lines & Springs to resolve your automotive problem!

Decades of experience, the right tools for the job and integrity enable us to stand behind our work. We guarantee our parts and service, and help you understand what you need to do to maintain your vehicle's optimum performance. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Our friendly staff will help you find the best solution.
Drive Lines: Free Evaluation 
Rear Ends
We will probably need to do a little work on your vehicle to find the problem with your rear end, so we can't offer a free evaluation here. But we will tell you what we think is wrong and give you an estimate.

For cars and pick ups:
  • Change bearings
  • Replace rings and pinions
  • Repair center carriers
  • Repair axils
  • Repair axil and spider gears
Vintage Vehicles
We're happy to help you with the rear-end needs and springs for your older model vehicle. 
Contact us!
Corporate Fleets
Metro Atlanta businesses rely on Doraville Drive Lines & Springs to provide expert service and quality parts for a fair price. A metro Atlanta school system even counts on us to repair the drive shafts on their buses. You are always in safe hands! Contact us about your fleet needs.
Does the back of your car, truck, RV or tractor trailer need more spring to it? We can:
  • Add a leaf to the springs to increase the load capacity
  • Repair or replace a broken leaf or center bolt
  • Repair or replace walking beams 
  • Repair or replace rubber bushings